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Dr. Claus Possberg

GM 3000 HPS – Dr. Claus Possberg

My mount from 10Micron has been extremely successful in use. After initial problems with the web interface on the tablet under V2.xx, everything was fixed after upgrading to V3.0.8. Mechanically a gem: extremely fast, very quiet, very accurate and very stiff. This mount is a real "final solution". You can "forget" it, as it always works reliably, even on the ASIAIR, which is, after all, based on the INDI protocol. Originally I wanted an Astrophysics, but it was not available - so I am glad to have the current solution. Today, I might have gone for the GM4000HPS, as it's a bit more resilient, since my 3000HPS is maxed out weight-wise with 110kg of counterweights (!).

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