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High End Amateurs

PlaneWave telescope system in Baader Planetarium AllSky Dome under starry sky

10Micron for High End Amateurs

10Micron mounts offer many advantages for advanced amateur astronomers and public observatories thanks to their unique combination of advanced firmware and high precision mechanics. Both in mobile use and permanently mounted in an observatory, they allow efficient work and results on a professional level. They are reliable and easy to set up and operate.

Area of Application:

  • Deep Sky Astrophotography with long exposure times without guiding
  • Video recordings of moon, planets, satellites
  • Astronomical observations
  • Public guided tours

Sh2-308 - Dolphin Nebula in HO-LRGB

Takahashi FSQ-85ED on 10Micron GM 3000 HPS - Unguided! Taken with Baader f/2 Ultra-Highspeed Filters.

© Andreas Bringmann