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10Micron mounts for research and science

The 10Micron mounts have made a name for themselves in many scientific research projects for years. Schools, universities and institutes trust the robust and highly accurate technology which is available at a reasonable price thanks to series production. The easy setup and operability allow even smaller projects to get started quickly and get a good yield of results.
In combination with the Baader dome technology, turnkey solutions are possible that allow many years of remote or even robotic operation without the need for maintenance. Sustainability is not a buzzword here, but reality. We will be happy to prove this to you with reference projects from research observatories, some of which have already been in use for decades.


Examples of Area of Application:

  • Fully automated processing of projects such as supernova monitoring of galaxies, asteroid search, comet search
  • Exoplanet search and monitoring
  • Spectroscopic investigation of celestial objects

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