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To get the best performance from your 10Micron mount you need to create a mount model. ModelCreator is a free software that allows you to do just that.

This software can be used with a wide range of third-party camera and mount control applications. Examples include MaximDL, Sequence Generator Pro (SGP), TheSkyX, BackardESO, etc.

Model Creator creates the model according to the following scheme:

- Set up the telescope to selected stellar positions

- Create an image

- Analyze the stellar field by plate solving, create a data point

- Matching the determined position with the actual position of the mount

- Calculate the differences and determine the causes (e.g. tube deflection, inaccurate setup)

- Adjustment of the sky model

This so-called "mapping" can be done for up to 100 different stellar objects / data points, resulting in a high accuracy of the sky model. The points can be inserted manually by clicking on the Alt-Az diagram or automatically by the software. It is also possible to create a horizon mask for areas obstructed by buildings, vegetation, etc. This area will then be excluded for the alignment. This area will then be excluded for the alignment. In addition, different equipment profiles can be created, these include not only camera and mount, but also the software used for camera control.

For the mount control the official 10Micron ASCOM driver can be used. The current version can be downloaded from the 10Micron Forum.
For plate solving, PinPoint, AllSky, PlateSolver, Planewave PlateSolve2, SGP or TheSkyX can be used.
The software has been developed and tested for the Windows 10 64-bit operating system. Also, the 10Micron ASCOM driver, version 6.2, or higher is required.
Under Utilities the software as well as the user manual can be downloaded here.


Model Creator screenshot showing equipment profile set up screen and the alignment points.

Model Creator screenshot showing task log and the PlateSolve2 display.

Model Maker

The Model Maker by Per Frejvall was the first software that linked different programs to create an automatic alignment with the 10micron mounts. Unfortunately, Per Frejvall passed away some years ago so this software cannot be updated and developed further. However, it has been working satisfactorily for many customers for years, which is why we continue to list it here.

Model Maker Download