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Satellite tracking and communication

Planet earth from space at night, Space Applications with PlaneWave

Application area satellite tracking and communication

In recent years, in addition to the traditional fields of application in astronomy, other fields of application have emerged in which fast and highly accurate mounts are required. More and more satellites are orbiting the earth, whether for monitoring, research or communication purposes, and the data transmission rates are becoming ever higher. The trend is to transmit by laser instead of radio waves, but the lasers must be aimed much more precisely at their target. This is where high-precision encoder mounts come into play.
In addition, satellites are constantly changing or losing their orbits, and at worst colliding with each other and creating lots of debris. Everything orbiting the Earth must be constantly monitored, orbits must be continuously measured to eliminate the risk of collision with other extremely expensive satellites or even manned spacecraft. Mounts are also needed to move the optics quickly and with high accuracy. 10micron can meet the needs of the industry with various sizes of mounts. Even the smallest mount, the GM 1000, is capable of tracking satellites. The large direct drive AZ fork mounts are even specially designed for this task. For each type of optics a mount in the appropriate size and load capacity is available so that the customer can configure his instrument setup in an optimal price/performance ratio.


Examples of Area of Application:

  • Satellite Tracking (SSA Space Situation Awareness)
  • Optical Satellite Communication (OGS Optical Ground Station)
  • Earth orbit monitoring (SDA Space Domain Awareness)