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50th anniversary of COMEC SNC.

50th anniversary of COMEC SNC.

10Micron s a division of COMEC-Technology, an Italian precision mechanics and equipment Company, born in the sixties years.

The company celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. From the beginning, COMEC goals have always been innovation, high quality, accuracy and affordability.

Thanks to this philosophy and the passion for astronomy and science, 10micron was founded after several years of experience. The company has specialized in design and production of astronomical telescope mounts with a professional grade of quality and innovative features.

10Micron and COMEC power is based on this 50 years old experience and a continuous effort to improve and to analysis the market and the customer needs.

We congratulate COMEC to their 50th anniversary and would like to thank you on behalf of Comec-Technology for your trust.

Please read the following official statement by Giorgio Mariotti

Official statement by Giorgio Mariotti

July 22nd was a special day for us: the 50th anniversary of COMEC SNC.
On the occasion of this important goal, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have contributed to the growth of our company over the years.
It is very touching to think back to over 50 years ago when my late brother Carlo and I, together with our
father, started to dream about creating a company together.
At that time, we hoped to get high, to build a profitable and lasting business, but the reality has surpassed even our best expectations, and what I see today seems even more beautiful.


We started as a small company that produced products only for the Italian market, and today, however, after 50 years, some of our products are exported all over the world.
It was above all a team effort, I could not have achieved such a result alone on my own, without the indispensable collaboration of all those who work every day with us and for us.

So in the first place, my heartfelt thanks go to my collaborators: the whole team of employees who with commitment and enthusiasm has allowed the company to achieve this important result. Their attachment to the company and their spirit of collaboration are of inestimable value.

I would like to thank all of our customers. Thank you for choosing us and for continuing to put your trust in us. We have often found good friends and good partners in you. With your support, like our own collaborators, you have allowed us to celebrate the 50th year of activity and I am sure that you will continue to rely on us.
My special thanks also go to all our suppliers. If we have come this far, it is also thanks to your valuable contribution and your close cooperation.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all those who, in some way, have chosen to support us in these fifty years. Many thanks to all of you for your contribution, big or small. I firmly believe that with our commitment and your collaboration  we will find ourselves celebrating many other “goals”.

Thank you !
Caronno Pertusella, 22 Luglio 2018