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GM 1000 HPS – Reinhard Wallner


I also assume that one does not buy a new mount every year. So I see the purchase of the two 10 Micron mounts as the right decision and even as an investment.

I can recommend the 10 Micron 1000 HPS in the 25 kg class to anyone who values quality and no problems. At the latest after the first successful image, one is compensated for the perhaps somewhat too long waiting time. The universe was also not created in 1 week, although some claim that. There is only one wish I would have, namely that the power supply cables between the power supply unit or battery and the Monti are replaced by silicone cables. This would be very advantageous in sub-zero temperatures.

As Mr. Risch from the company BAADER PLANTETARIUM always says so nicely:

Quality has its price, after some time you forget the price, but the quality remains.


Report on the 10 Micron 1000HPS by Reinhard Wallner

After I switched from a Skywatcher EQ6 to a GM2000 QCI in summer, it was no longer possible for me to continue working with the 2nd EQ 6 in the mobile range for various reasons.

The difference in quality and precision between the two mounts is too big. However, I won't knock the predecessor product here, as it also has its place in astrophotography. The nights in which you can gain images in the open field are rare, and there I want to capture images with minimal effort in the best quality and no waste.

So the decision to buy a 10 Micron 1000 HPS for the mobile field was made pretty quickly.

After a conversation with Mr. Risch from the company Baader Planetarium everything was clear again. I had to have the 10 Micron 1000 HPS, preferably yesterday. I decided for the complete package of the company Baader, thus with tripod and Flightcases. I also ordered a 12V to 24 V converter.

Read the full (german) review here:
GM 1000 HPS - Kundenurteil von Reinhard Wallner


(translated Team Baader Planetarium)