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Markus Mühlenbruch

GM 3000 HPS – Markus Mühlenbruch

The mount leaves nothing to be desired. Best workmanship, high precision, fully computer controlled, easily carries 100kg. In my case a C14, RASA 11, 5,,6 APO and a small 4-inch plus cameras and a lot of accessories. Despite the heavy weight, manual movement is also smooth and easy due to the very simple locking and unlocking of the axes (no loosening of clamps required).  Pointing is a breeze – as with all 10Micron mounts. After only 5 reference stars, the pointing model achieves an accuracy that centers the object in the center of the image.

The hand control box, if required, is user friendly and of course made of metal. All cable connections are screwed. The internal passage of the cables through the mount axis is well solved and has plenty of space. In my case 2 power cables (for powering the minicomputers) and 3 LAN cables as well as a USB cable.  

In combination with the heavy steel pillar (BHP) from Baader, the GM3000 is the perfect combination to get point-like stars during hours of tracking. The mount can also be auto-guided with e.g. a GEM4 without any problems. The included planetarium program "Pegasus" allows to control the objects with a mouse click.  

Both the pillar and the mount can be installed by two people with sufficient muscle power. The delivery is made by a forwarding agency in a solid transport box (mount) or on a pallet (column). The Baader service keeps its promise!