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Alt-Azimuthal Mounts

Their advantage lies in their compactness; larger telescopes can be accommodated in smaller domes. The complete payload can be used for instrument weight, no counterweight axis is needed. ALT AZ mounts, however, have to track in three axes (ALT, AZ and derotator at camera/eyepiece) which is technically more demanding but no longer a problem due to modern computer technology. The smaller ALT-AZ mounts are often used by amateurs and public observatories for visual observation. The larger ones are used for satellite tracking, where the alignment of the mount to the earth axis is not necessary or even disadvantageous.

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AZ 2000 HPS Combi Mount incl. ColdTemp Upgrade

AZ 2000 HPS Combi Altazimuthal Mount incl. ColdTemp Upgrade - with extended operational temperatur to-30°C (-22° F)
# 1452903 Price: € 17,900.00
(Price incl. German VAT excl. shipping)