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Mallorca-Observatorium der Universität Hamburg

GM 4000 HPS - Mallorca-Observatory University Hamburg

Baader Planetarium mounts Robotic Observatory of Hamburg University on Mallorca OAM-site. June 2011

The instrumentation consists of a remote controlled Baader-AllSky-Dome with full ASCOM-compatibility, based on a control platform developed at the Open University in UK ( ), a Planewave corrected Dall Kirkham Cassegrain astrograph optics with 24″ aperture and 70 mm flat field, a 10 Micron GM 4000 HPS german equatorial mount w. ultra high precision encoders, enabling ungiuded imaging, and SBIG STX 16803 CCD-camera. Ultimately the system will serve for high resolution spectroscopy w. a professional Echelle-Spectrograph (BACHES).

(translated Team Baader Planetarium)