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Baader Steel Leveling Flange for GM 3000 Mount

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Baader Steel Leveling Flange for GM 3000 Mount

  • Baader levelling flanges are used to adjust the unevenness of the foundation or the concrete pillar as well as other deviations of the substructure from the perfect north-south alignment. They adjust these imperfections as close as possible to the mount, very precisely and steady, without reducing the stability of the pillar
  • Consisting of two solid Steel, separated by six steel bars
  • Top plate precision milled flat and threaded to fit the base plate.
  • suitable as a pillar adapter flange to the Baader conical steel pillar #2451220
  • Overall height: 100 or 150 mm
  • The steel pillar flange #1453090 is needed

Important note: The pillar adapter flanges are ONLY available in combination with a 10micron mount, because they are produced individually.

Baader Planetarium
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