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Baader Medium Pillar (BMP), modal steel pillar for load up to 250 kg, for GM1000 and GM2000

# 2451211 Price: € 1,745.00
(Price incl. German VAT excl. shipping)

Baader Medium Pillar (BMP) for GM1000 and GM2000

  • Modal steel pillar with up to 250 kg payload capacity
  • Cone-shaped/octagonal Steel pillar
  • Welded Steel, actively dampening vibrations.
  • Bottom plate 500x500 nm
  • Top plate diam. 240 mm and 1" thick
  • With 3 threaded Bolts M14 and center hole to fill the entire pillar with Quartz-sand at the erection site
  • Internal tube of 3" inner width for cabeling through the pillar
  • Needs leveling flange #2451187 for GM 1000 mount
  • Needs leveling flange #2451171 for GM 2000 mount
  • Length as agreed! Possible heights are: 60, 80, 100, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 165 cm




Important Info

  • Baader conical steel-pillars are being offered exclusively within a complete mount- or observatory project when the equipment is purchased from us directly
  • Prices mentioned are subventioned prices. Production of such an elaborate pillar as standalone product at the mentioned price would not be economically possible