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Baader OMS-Nano – Remote Switch for 10Micron Mounts

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Baader OMS-Nano – Remote Switch for 10Micron Mounts

This remote switch is part of our OMS (Observatory Management System) product line and is named "OMS-Nano". It is the smallest unit currently conceivable to make an observatory remotely operable.

The Remote Switch is perfect for being installed in an observatory. For reasons of failure safety, we have placed great emphasis on a safe standard. The module can be connected to the same LAN network as the mount. After installation, the module can be accessed in the network via the assigned IP address via any browser. The OMS-Nano is preconfigured to be used directly for a 10Micron mount. All cables are prefabricated and enclosed. In addition, we have writen an instruction manual, which goes into the use with a 10Micron mount decidedly. 

Optionally, you can connect the switch module to your computer using the USB cable in order to configure the network settings of the switch module or to import firmware updates. For normal operation, you only need a connection via the network cable.

  • Remote Switch OMS-Nano (Observation Management System) used to turn your 10Micron mount on and off from remote
  • With 1m connection cable, 3m long LAN-cable and 2m long USB-cable
  • 12V/100-240V Power Supply
  • German manual
  • Incl. web interface
  • Replaces the previous  Remote Switch for 10Micron mounts (#2455030) , which is no longer produced.

Included items

  • OMS-Nano switch
  • 12V/220V power supply unit with adapters
  • 3m LAN-cable
  • 2m USB-cable
  • incl. instruction manual

Each 10Micron GM or AZ mount can be switched on and off remotely via the external switching device OMS-Nano (Observation Management System). For this, the 3-pin stereo jack (1) EXT SWITCH is connected in parallel with its two front contacts (stereo left and right, without ground) to the ON / OFF switch (2) of the electronic module of the mount. The OMS-Nano replaces the function of the ON/OFF rocker switch and gives a signal for a few seconds, but not permanently.

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