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AZ 2500 DDS

The compact and powerful AZ2500 DDS has been added to the range of Direct-Drive DDS mounts. It is designed for exceptional performance, including high pointing speed and excellent tracking accuracy.

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HPS: High Precision and Speed

HPS stands for High Precision and Speed, representing the essence of 10micron mounts. High precision, thanks to an innovative and exclusive absolute encoder paired with 10micron manufacturing. High speed, thanks to high performance electronics and AC servo motors


The HPS mounts are now by default separable for easy transport - while maintaining the highest level of stability

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Space Applications

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The sealed solution.

Perfectly integrated. Ready assembled. Hermetically closable and future-proof for decades.

Baader Planetarium is responsible for the distribution of 10Micron. Baader Planetarium is also the fixed star for thousands of enthusiastic hobby and professional astronomers who have been receiving sustainable solutions and honest, competent advice on Amateur Astronomy, Research & Science and Space-Applications for decades. On request, we ran fully integrated solutions with unique technical advantages:

  • Telescopes
  • Domes
  • Accessories
  • Installation

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Baader Planetarium Sealed Solution: Installation, Telescopes, Domes, Accessories

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